About Rainbows and Robots

About Me

I am a graphic designer living in the wilderness of Petawawa. I have no children by choice, but live with four misfit pets: a beagle/Australian Cattle Dog cross, a Norwegian Forest Cat mix, a Siamese mix, and a Lionhead-mix rabbit.

I enjoy doing crafty things most of the time, and in the past this has led to shocking amounts of clutter in my home. When I start a new endeavour, I go ALL IN. I do try to keep it to no more than five projects at a time now. It certainly makes sweeping up the tumbleweeds of pet hair a bit easier.

About the Site

While my specialty in graphic design has been mainly print, I’m trying to expand into digital design a bit more, so this site will likely undergo some drastic changes from time to time.

Why “Rainbows and Robots”?

Just two of my favourite things.

Rainbows because there’s something about the harmony of the colours that evokes almost a visceral happiness in me.

Robots because they will be our overlords, and I’m trying to get in good with them early, so shhh…